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This is the first episode of The Estate Sale Business Podcast, Your Guide to a More Successful, Sustainable, and Profitable Estate Sale Management Business. Welcome! is the go to site for information, training, and news about the estate sale business.  If you’re an estate sale business owner or want to be, this site can help you make your business more successful and profitable.

Our podcast provides information through regular audio episodes.  Listen through your phone, tablet, or here at the website itself.

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Transcript of Podcast: ESB001 Welcome to the Estate Sale Business Podcast

Welcome to the Estate Sale Business Podcast: Your Guide to a More Successful, Sustainable, and Profitable Estate Sale Management Business. This show is produced by

On this show, and, we’re dedicated to serving estate sale business owners and managers. Our goal is to provide you with the news, information, and training that can help make your business more successful, sustainable, and profitable!

I’m your podcast host, Ronald Andrew Murphy.

This is our introductory episode, 001, entitled: “Welcome to the Estate Sale Business Podcast”

In this introductory episode, my goal is simple. It’s to explain how this podcast can be helpful and useful to you as an estate sale business owner or manager.

I want to answer your most important question about our show: What’s In It for You?

I want to help you decide: Does it really make sense for you to invest your time listening?

Let’s see why it might…

The Estate Sale Business is a challenging one. Demands are many. From dealing with families at an emotional time, to fairly valuing a broad assortment of personal property, to running the actual sales – the potential for problems never stops. Every sale is different. Every client unique. Every headache yours.

It takes a lot to run a business like this. One thing is key. That’s knowledge. Knowing what to do and how to do it at every stage is crucial to your success.

This podcast is dedicated to helping you get and use that knowledge. Through this show and its supporting website, we provide a broad range of up-to-date, how-to information specific to running your estate sale business We specialize in providing knowledge that helps make you more successful.

Here are some examples of topics and ideas we cover:

How to generate a steady stream of prospects without paying for advertising
How to set and present commission rates and fees to keep your business profitable
How to manage traffic on sale days to maximize sales and minimize problems
How to stage the sale items to generate the maximum viewability and optimal sales
How to use a website and email to make your business available 24×7 without needing extra technical support
How to beat the competition for sales and for sales day traffic

That’s just a few examples.

One of our most popular areas is pricing personal property. We provide easy-to-use valuation guidelines and keep them updated for the current market. We offer information to help you quickly and accurately identify styles, periods, and how to distinguish real pieces from later reproductions and knock-offs.

Along with helpful how-to’s about these and many other subjects, we also feature real stories of estate sale businesses. We cover some of the challenges they face and how they overcome them. We look for identifiable success factors and talk about how you might apply them to your own business.

When there’s industry news, we cover that also.

Given that that’s the kind of knowledge we deliver, do you think it might be useful? To you? To your business?

Here’s another way you might find us helpful.

The Estate Sale Business Success Show not only provides general information but stands ready to answer specific questions you have about your business. You can contact us with questions and comments at any time, about any specific show, or just generally about the business. We do our best to keep up and respond quickly,.

Every show has its own page on the website where you can post your input. And you’ll see a transcript of the show to read if you like. Plus there is often added support material and explanations associated with the topics covered on the show.

We believe this podcast and the website can help you achieve greater business success. Hopefully you’ll agree now that you’ve heard some of the reasons why. But you may still have one more question.

“What qualifies us to provide this information?” Good question.

Unlike some folks who offer information or training for estate sales, our background goes beyond the operation of a single estate sale business. While we have that first-hand know-how, we seek out the secrets of success from multiple business owners. We research broadly to get more than one person’s opinion and experience. Plus we cross boundaries with our research. We gather information not just from estate sellers but also antique and vintage dealers, consignment shops, and appraisers. It’s our belief that no one business, no one owner, has all the answers, or even most of them. That’s why we source widely. And we bring those resources directly to you in short information-packed shows, backed up by additional references you can later choose to review on our website.

Show episodes are published twice a month, at the beginning and in the middle of each month, typically the first and fifteenth. At the same time, the transcript appears on the podcast episode page. When there are other supporting written or audio materials, they can be found on the same episode page.

The duration of most episodes is approximately 20 minutes. Occasionally an interview show or a special course may run a bit longer. We always alert you at the beginning of any show that does run longer.

I hope I’ve now given you the information you need to decide if listening to our show is worth the investment of your time. And I hope the answer is yes.

Our vision is that the information we provide will help your estate sale management business thrive. And that you will use that knowledge to make your business become more successful, sustainable and profitable.

I mentioned that we welcome your comments and questions. A big key to how helpful this show is to you will be your own participation. As noted,every episode will have a section available for your comments or questions on the website’s episode page.

Our website address is estate sale biz dot com. That’s Estate sale BIZ (B-I-Z) dot com. You can also find it noted on our show listings.

Please consider becoming a subscriber to this show and a visitor to our website. You can find subscribe links through your podcast app or on our website.

And Please do let us know what you think. If you have questions about the show or things that you’d like to see addressed, put those in the comments too.

So, what do you think?. Based on what I’ve described, can you picture how this podcast can be of service to you? Will the information we provide help your business be more successful, sustainable, and profitable?

That’s our goal. That’s why we produce this show. For you. We hope you will become a regular listener.

Thank you!


The Estate Sale Business Podcast: Your Guide to a More Successful, Sustainable, and Profitable Estate Sale Management Business. This show is produced by

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Ronald Andrew Murphy is a Consultant, Podcaster, Voice-Over Narrator, and Online Training Developer. He specializes in Business and Marketing Technology. Murphy produces podcasts, audiobooks, and e-courses from his studio in Mount Dora, a picturesque small town in Central Florida.

Murphy has several years of experience working with estate sale and antiques businesses. He's developed websites, email marketing campaigns, and social media marketing programs for estate sale businesses and antiques dealers.

Murphy produces the semi-monthly "Estate Sale Business Podcast." The show covers management, marketing, and technical topics targeted toward estate sale business owners and managers. The podcast is available on the website, "" and through Apple iTunes, Google Play and other popular podcast subscription sites.

Thoroughly at home with technology and business, Murphy has worked as a technical trainer, instructional designer, and college professor. His years of corporate experience include management, sales, software development, training, and support.

Murphy can be contacted through this site, or through his voiceover services site, He's also available on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. Audiobooks narrated by Murphy are available on Audible and Amazon books.

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